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Debris Filters

For Debris Filters, we represent Perrier Sorem France. PERRIER SOREM are world famous specialist, certified ISO 9001, offers you a wide range of equipments in the fields of screen cleaning, water gate and Debris Filters.Perrier Sorem has a huge clientele with supplies to diverse industries.

The Debris filter is the ultimate protection against small and medium size debris which could go through the filter from upstream and could damage delicate equipment downstream (condensers, exchangers).

Debris Filters can be easily installed directly on the pipeline between the pumps and the upstream equipment, it is capable of filtering a large flow of water. The cleaning of the Debris filter is carried out by internal pressure in the pipeline, without stopping the flow and with a minimum of water diversion.

Main features

  • Flanged Mounting
  • All filtration elements have a conical shape in order to make a better use of the opening area and decrease the pressure
  • Cleaning by segment
  • Filtration elements replaceable by section
  • Wide choice of filtration
Debris Filters