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Bag Filter

Bag filters are categorised under surface Filtration.Bag filters tend to have low equipment investment & operating costs compared to cartridge filters. Single bag filter housings are available in a non-coded industrial design. Available to accommodate one single or double length bag filter in carbon steel, 304L or 316L, FRP. Flow rates up to 55m3/hr are ideal for this model of housing.Bag Filter have variety of applications ranging from water treatment,semiconductor,food & beverage industry,paints,inks,coatings etc.

  • Economical multi-purpose ASME code designed housings. 
  • Low profile design. 
  • Accepts multiple double length bags. 
  • (10.3bar) @ (121.1°C) design pressure. 
  • Vessels available in CS,CSRL,SS304,SS316,Duplex,Super Duplex,FRP.
  • Swing bolt closure allows for quick element change out,and also Flanged Connection Housings available
Bag Housings
Bag Filters