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Conical Strainer

More cost effective, Conical Strainers strainer are temporary Strainers used mostly before start up of a Plant use perforated wire or mesh to trap suspended solids from a process stream.Conical strainers are usually installed horizontally in a piping system.

Conical strainer are commonly used in pipelines to prevent damage of Gauges, pumps, control valves, Flow meters and other process equipment.

  • Fabricated Conical strainers from 2” to 24” (larger sizes are available)
  • Designed in accordance with ASME Section VIII Div. 1.
  • Standard design pressures include 150#.
  • Conical strainer available in CS,CSRL,SS304,SS316,Duplex,Super Duplex.
  • Conical strainer are available in both Basket type and Cone Type Temporary Strainers.
Conical Strainer